Lets try this again…Weekend Wrap Up Take 2!

Hey Kiddos!

I  had a wonderful weekend with my friend Amanda and her boyfriend Jens.  We all went down to the river for a relaxing weekend. Thomas and Taylor were also there as well as the circus of animals.  We had two dogs and a screaming cat.  It was a little nuts but lots of fun.

Saturday morning we woke up and went fishing!  Here are some pictures from our fishing adventure.

Wolf Trap Lighthouse. I absolutely love this light house. It is so beautiful and its for sale. How cool would that be to live in a light house!


Current residents of the light house



Thomas cutting up bait

Taylor anticipating a big catch! 

But unfortunately this is all he got...he still seems to be happy about his catch, could make for some good bait!


Jens just hanging out
Mandy looking at the pictures she just took
After having no luck at the light house we moved onto other waters.
We try fishing for Cobia.  Fishing for Cobia is a multi person effort.  You have one person  or two in the tower.
On the look out!
You have one person driving the boat.
Doesn’t T make such a cute capitan!
And then you have your fishing line with bait on it ready to go the moment you spot a cobia.
The bait of choose is eels!
Here is Jens trying to untangle them.

After doing a little bit of this for awhile.


And a little bit of this.

And then we finally catch this!


T and me holding a 39 inches and 20 something pound cobia
It was definitely a team effort catching this fish! We had two spotters, Jens and Taylor,  a capitan, T, a photographer, Amanda, and I reeled the sucker in!
It was quite a good day!
T cutting up the fish





You can see that Skipper wanted to be all up in the action!

I left the boys to clean the fish while I started caring things up to the house.  I was in the house unpacking the cooler when Amanda comes in and says: “Colleen I think they just lost your fish”.

Me: “Yeah right Amanda, quit kidding around”.

Amanda: “I am serious come look out the window, look there see T getting out of the water.”

Me: “OMG my fish!”

Needless to say T was slicing up the fillets and sliced a little too hard and the fish went flying into the water with one fillet still attached to it.  T apparently said a few choose words and went in after it.  That fish sank to the bottom and Jens got the gaff out and fished around for it.  Thankfully they were able to find the fish!  Whew… that was a close one.

After all this excitement we decided it was time for a little pool time.  And after this we started getting food ready for the crab feast! Yum yum!

I have never really actually planned out a whole meal for multiple people before with recipes that I have never cooked before. But overall it came out good.

We had:

Steamed crabs
Corn with Bacon Butter
Capri Salad

We also had yummy pasta salad that Amanda made, but I unfortunately did not take a picture of.  The pictures of the food I did take are only of half of the food we ate. I was unable to get out to the picnic table before everyone digged in.

Can’t beat this view we had looking out onto the creek as we chowed down.

The company was great too!

T, Amanda, and Jens…Taylor is MIA for some reason

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