I’m back!

I meant to post this yesterday but life got in the way and also I almost had the entire post completed and saved it as a draft and was going to come back to it later but some how the majority got erased and I was too mad to redo it and post last night.

So here it is…finally.

I wanted to show you all the goodies I got at Ikea like three weeks ago.  Well better late than never.

I was elated to get all of this good stuff for such an inexpensive price!

I have already shown y’all these heaviest closets on earth bad boys I bought:

But I also wanted to share some of the other smaller items I bought as well!

I have used some of these items already and they have been great!

Here is the break down of everything I bought!

Bendable Chopping Boards: $2.99/ 2 pack


Ice Cube Tray: $1.99/ each

Yep that’s right…ice cubes in the shape of fish and starfish!  I couldn’t resist!

Funnel: $0.99/Set of 2


Timer: $1.99/ each


Baking Cups: $0.99/ 65 pack

This picture doesn’t do these little gems justice.  They are absolutely adorable!

Whisk: $4.99/ each


Sealing Clips: $2.99/ 30 pack


So that’s all the goodies I bought. I have been on Ikea.com a lot since I last went and I think I might just have to make another trip this weekend!  At least I am prepared for what to expect this next time around.

So if you haven’t checked out Ikea lately or ever in your life I recommend you check it out because they have some really great stuff!  And if your fortunate enough to live within driving distance I recommend you go.  It is quite nerve wracking an experience.  Just be prepared for a ton of people and using a map to get your way around the store!  Besides that you should be good!

Later Friends!


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