I Fixed It!


I don’t why but the post, “Weekend Wrap Up”, the blog  just didn’t like it. So as you can see I deleted the post and the blog went back to normal.  Go figure.  I will try to repost “Weekend Wrap Up” later but I have to add some stuff that the blog deleted to it.

I have talked to my Mom a lot this week and both of our men are out-of-town this week. ad is in San Diego and has been there since Sunday or Monday and will get back today.  And T has been in New Jersey with his friend Scott since Monday and will be back tomorrow.

I love this guy so much and I have missed him a lot this week and I can’t believe that he will be going to graduate school in TWO WEEKS!!!  I don’t know what I am going to do without seeing him every day or every other day. I have been spoiled this summer with having him around so much and I am blessed for all the days he got to spend in Richmond.

On another note, I have been semi-productive this week.  I finally found a way to hang my big mirror over my fire-place.  For some reason I can not drill a big screw into the wall, there must be brick behind the plaster or something so I resorted to smaller screws but tried to not skimp on the support.


See that big mirror above my fireplace that’s the mirror I am talking about. It’s a beast, it’s super heavy but it’s absolutely gorgeous. It was passed down to me after my grandmother passed away and it has to be one of the most favorite things I own.  I would be devastated if it fell of the wall and broke.  Knock on wood that it stays put!

I have also finally installed my curtains and managed to file a lot of paper work that needed to me done.  Still lots to do but I am getting there.

I need a new rug desperately but I just can’t bring myself to buy the really expensive one I want. So…..guess what I found when I was blog stalking….


Click on the link above and take a gander. 

That’s right, DIY rug.  Awesomeness!

I am also trying to work on the rest of the apartment as well. I just wanted to get settled into my room first before moving onto the other rooms.

I have a bunch more projects up my sleeve and I can’t wait to share them with y’all.


I do believe I owe y’all some recipes.  I didn’t take pictures of everything I made this weekend but I did take some.

First for our crab feast on Saturday night we had Grilled Corn with Bacon Butter and Cotija Cheese minus the Cotija Cheese because it was really hard to find.

The corn was really good with the bacon butter. The bacon butter was really easy to make.

Click on the link below for the recipe:


The other recipe I made was Caprese Salad.  It was so yummy and again really easy to make.

Check out Ree’s blog below to get the recipe:


Again sorry about the pictures with the half eaten food. I wasn’t able to get out to the picnic table quick enough before all the little rascals digged in.

I also made Knock You Naked Brownies and homemade smashing s’mores.

I will blog about those two recipes soon.

I think that’s all I have for now friends. I will try to get “Weekend Wrap Up” up and running sometime today.

Later Bloggers!


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