Prayer Requests

I was going to blog about something entirely different today but it will have to wait because I just received some very sad news from my Mother. A former high school classmate of mine passed away last weekend in a plane crash in Maryland.  I wasn’t very close to her but we were mutual friends during high school. The visitation is actually happening right now in Huntsville, AL.  My heart is heavy with grief and pain for this girls family and friends.  This is such a huge loss and she will be dearly missed.  If you could please say a prayer for Keavy and her family today, I know they would really appreciate it. It hard to understand God’s plan for all us when we read about a tragedy like this one.  But we must keep faith that God knows what’s best for us and loves us all very much.

This brings me to my next point about this awful tragedy.  I so do regret not keeping in contact with this girl after high school. 

This is my challenge for you all today…if there is someone who you were mutual friends or good friends with back in the day try to reach out to them sometime today or this weekend. You never know how far a little hello on someone’s facebook wall will go.  I personally love it when old high school friends reach out to me in some way.  You never know you might make someone’s day so much better by just saying a simple “hello”.


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