Tuckered Out

Hi Friends,

Boy am I beat!  Last night the roomies and I moved the majority of our stuff out of our old apartment and upstairs to our new apartment.  It was a lot work and the heat didn’t help much but we did it!

I really love our new apartment, it seems bigger! I don’t know how that could be because we live in a duplex and our old apartment is downstairs from our old apartment and they are basically the same layout.  We do have an extra storage room in this apt. that we didn’t have in the old apt. but besides that it’s not much different. It must be because its had recent updates made to it. 

Anyways if you’re wondering where I will be for the next couple of days it will be in the apt trying to organize!  Lots more work to be done!

Lets see I think I owe y’all some updates.

We will start with T.  As you all know T had a fall and hit his tooth on the boat trailer.  He went to dentist and had some x-rays done and came to find two cracks in his front tooth but no signs of damage to the root. So T had to get a root canal.  T also had to say good-bye to his shiny tooth, they scraped away the metal that was left on his tooth.  The prognosis is a lot better than I thought it would be but still its going to take time to repair.

Next thing to update you on is the closet situation. 

Oh dear y’all it has just been one failed attempt after another trying to put closets in my room.  Like I said the garment racks just weren’t strong enough and actually the plastic base broke.  Yikes! So I went to plan B and put in actual hanging clothes hangers that mount in to the wall.  That was a disaster.  It hung fine but then I started adding my clothes on the rack and the whole thing came crashing down putting huge holes in walls.

Now I am back to my original plan, I am going to Ikea and buying wardrobes. I am just going to bite the bullet and buy some. It’s what I should have ultimately done in the first place and I would have saved myself a lot of grief in the process.

So T and I are heading up to Ikea on Saturday to get them and get stuff for his new place at Duke as well!

I hope to post more pictures soon of my trip to the outer banks and pictures of the new apartment.

*Sigh* Just look at the beautiful sun going down over the outer banks.

Later Gators!



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