Bless It!

As my good friend Amanda from college use to say “Bless it”, that is what I am saying to you all today. She would say “Bless its heart”,  “my goodness bless it” or some form of  “Bless it” in the sentence.

Lots going on still. I first would like to ask for thoughts and prayers to go out to T today.  He is visiting the dentist today for an accident that happen this past weekend. I will tell y’all how this all played out, some parts are real serious and others are real funny. 

Saturday morning T was helping his Dad get the boat ready to leave from the outer banks.  (To give you a visual of this boat it’s about 25′ give or take {I don’t remember the measurements off-hand}  fishing boat and sits pretty high off the ground when it’s on the trailer.) They were working on the boat outside the rental house with the boat on the trailer and T decides to get off the boat from the bow of the boat.  What happened next is not for certain because it all happened so fast and no one saw this accident unfold.  He put his foot down on the trailer and his foot slips and some how lands on his front tooth and scratches his back really bad.  How both of these things happened I don’t know. T some how from the grace of God walked away with only these two bumps and no bumps to the head.  He had no swelling what so ever, just pain in his front tooth.  Bless it!

All of this goes on while I am still sound asleep in my bed.  T comes in after this is all over and wakes me up.  He acted like nothing happened and just even hint to the fact that he had fallen.  I in fact was the one to ask what had happened when I spotted him looking at his tooth in the mirror.  Here’s how the conversation unfolded:

Me: T what are you looking at in the mirror?

T: I’m looking at my tooth.

Me: Why what’s wrong with it?

T: I fell off the boat this morning and landed on my tooth.

Me: DO WHAT!?!?  Are you ok? What happened?

T: Yeah I am fine I think, I landed on my tooth and got this bad scrape on my back.

Me: Oh my goodness! (I take a closer look at the tooth)  T what is on your tooth?

T: It’s a piece of metal from the trailer that wont come off my tooth.

(I am just going to pause here for a moment and let you all cringe at this little piece of information.)

The dentist was called after the accident occurred and he recommended to ice it and take Alieve.  The dentist also asked that T call him when he was an hour out of Richmond.

Fast forward through all the driving and we are now an hour outside of Richmond. 

T calls the dentist and gives him an update on how he is doing.  He mentions to the dentist about a possible crack in his tooth but nothing about the metal on his tooth.  Five or ten minutes of conversation pass and the dentist says that he doesn’t need to come in that day and to come in on Tuesday and T hangs up.  Begin our conversation again:

Me: T you never said anything to the dentist about the metal on your tooth.

T: I just didn’t think it was relevant and there’s nothing he can do for it now.

Me: True he can’t do anything about it today, but don’t you think he should know?

T: I don’t know, I will tell him when I see him on Tuesday.

C: (I let this information soak in and then it was like a light bulb went off in my head)  You think the metal on your tooth is cool don’t you!?

T: (Peering up with his little T smile) Yeah maybe…ok yes I think it looks cool.  How many people can say they have metal on their tooth from a boat trailer?

Bless it!

Now lets skip ahead to sometime on Sunday.  Subject of his tooth comes up again.  I am not a dentist but I have a lot of experience and gained knowledge with troubles with my own teeth.  I had to wear braces for six years when I was little and they were the most grueling years of my life. I had a really messed up grill. I have never had any other teeth issues besides those. I have also heard about my parents teeth issues here and there over the years and have picked up on some basic tooth knowledge.

Now back to sometime on Sunday, I wanted to make sure Thomas knew everything that could happen when he went to the dentist on Tuesday. I wanted to prepare him for the worst, without trying to scare him too much. Begin conversation again:

Me: T, I don’t want to scare you but there could be a chance that your tooth could die if the root was hit.

T: Do what?!?!

Me: Yes, I’m sorry but they might have to pull your tooth.

T: (Groans) Unbelievable!  So you mean I might have a gap in my teeth?

Me: Well yes but they have these false teeth that can be made to fit the area where your tooth is missing. So it’s not as bad as it seems.

T: That’s sooo cool!!! So you mean I can put it in and out whenever I want to?!

C: Yeah.

T: Sweet! Thats awesome!

Bless it!

I told my mother about T’s accident on Saturday (the day of the accident) and I have talked to her on the phone every day since the accident and she always wants updates on how T is doing.  I relayed these last two conversations to her and she laughed hysterically, I really thought she might be rolling around on the floor with laughter!   She loves T and knows about his easy-going attitude on life.

So if you all could say a little prayer for T today while he goes to the dentist and for his shiny thug tooth it would be most appreciated!

Now since we have the prayers down lets move on to other things.

The apartment move.  Bless it.

My new apartment I am moving into is just upstairs and you couldn’t ask for an easier move.  But the problem with the upstairs apt. is there are no closets.  None, zip, nada! So that makes things a little bit difficult. 

I was originally thinking about getting some wardrobes from Ikea but then they started to add up and got too expensive.  I also had the thought that this apartment is not my forever home and I shouldn’t invest in something that is so expensive.

So went I to Plan B, clothes racks. Ugly things and not the steadiest of closets but they will do for the time being. It took me about two or three weeks to figure out which clothes racks to buy without breaking the bank but still getting something that would hold all my clothes.  (P.S. I have a ton of clothes…I am girl what do you expect.)  I finally decided on these racks from Wal-Mart, they were $16.00 a piece.  Don’t let the store or the price fool you these clothes rack had great reviews but none the less it could not with stand the weight of my clothes. I bought three of these racks and filled one of them completely up last night.  I left and went to dinner and when I arrived back I discovered the leaning tower of clothes rack. Very disappointed. On to Plan C. 

I was looking on today and found these racks that you mount into the wall and you simply just hang your clothes on them. It’s what you would use in a walk-in closet.  Lowes doesn’t have a bad deal on them so I think I will send back the Wal-Mart racks and go with the Lowes METAL, MOUNT TO THE WALL clothes racks. There’s nothing covering up the clothes like the Wal-Mart rack does but at this point I don’t care.  I just need something to hold my clothes.

Bless it!

Lowes’ has some great stuff. I even found a rug there that’s inexpensive. I could throw down some mucho dinero in that place. (Mucho dinero means lots of money in spanish.)

So I think that’s about all I have for right now. Sorry there are no pictures in this post.  I will make sure to add a picture of T’s shiny tooth and my leaning tower of clothes racks soon! I will also keep y’all up to date on T’s tooth and the closet!



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