The Outer Banks (Part 1)

Howdy Everyone!,

I am back in Richmond and hitting the ground running getting back to my regular routine.  I am currently moving into my new apartment upstairs.  I will have more updates on the move later but for now I want to tell you all about my trip! My vacation was full of beach time, fishing, surfing, exploring, napping, and eating!

Here are few pictures from the house we stayed at:

The view out on to the ocean from the back porch of the house.

 A picture of the pool looking down from the third floor.

We all had some major beach time.

Everyone hanging out on the beach


T out on the surf board


Saw the cutest chocolate lab name Banks for the Outer Banks at the beach. He is 6 months old!


Studie with his surf board


My feet in the sand


Taylor and Studie walking up the beach with their surfboards.
T Surfing again


T coming in from surfing



One evening before dinner T and Taylor thought it would be great idea to feed the seagulls.  Words can’t describe how this adventure unfolded but I will do my best.  First T stuck out his hand with a cracker in it to attract the seagulls. (There are no seagulls to begin with.) Then one seagull pops out of no where and then two, three, four……..hundreds of seagulls have invaded the back porch. Check out the pictures to get the whole scope of the activity.






Look at all of them hanging out on the roof.



Here Birdie Birdie...





They were getting a little too close for T's liking.


By this point their arms were getting tired.

 We all finally went inside to eat dinner and the birds eventually got the hint that we were done feeding them for the evening.


One of the days of our beach vacation we toured the island of Ocracoke.

Waiting in line to get on the ferry.
On the ferry on our way to Ocracoke!
Another Ferry
Taylor talking to a guy with a VMI hat on.
Water as far as your eye can see!
T and Me
Betty and Matt


Taylor, Betty, T, and Matt
Taylor playing with my new necklace/bracelet. It's a movable necklace/bracelet. Taylor formed the state of Virginia. (More on this wonderful bracelet to come later!)
Once we reached the island we stopped to get a bite to eat. We ate at Howards Pub and it was real tasty.   The restaurant had banners of colleges all over the walls and ceiling.
Here are some pictures I took of some of my favorite teams.





Very disappointed they didn’t have a Alabama, Notre Dame or a Washington & Lee banners. I might have to send them some. 


After lunch we went into town.

Looking out on to a dock.



Looking into part of the town.
 It was a fun day in Ocracoke, very small town only about 600 residents total but very quaint and beautiful. 
The last night that we went out to eat we went to a restaurant in Buxton, NC called Rusty’s Surf and Turf.  It was sooooo goooood.  If your ever in that area I recommend going!  I actually got really giddy when I looked at the menu and saw that they had alligator appetizers! YUMMMMY!  I haven’t had alligator since I was down in Gulf Shores, AL. 
Some of you might be saying gross right now but it is sooo good.  Alligator or alligator tail, both are delicious!
I also tried fish tacos for the first time and I am hooked!  They were mucho tasty!
Taylor Enjoying his Ribs at Rusty's.
Taylor also enjoyed his meal at Rusty’s as well.
Wow this is a really long post.  Stay tuned to hear more about my Outer Banks vacation, beach inspiration for new projects, the move, and much much more.
Have a great afternoon!

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