Are you ready for some football!

I don’t believe I have ever reveled this to you all yet but I am HUGE college football fan!  I mean screaming my head off at the TV, throwing things aimlessly when my team screws up, checking the rankings on a daily basis on, going on daily to look at anything college football during football season…yeah thats me.  My addiction to football has gotten worse over the years.  Last year T saw the real fan in me come out. 

We were on the couch last football season watching a game, don’t know who we were watching, anyways all of a sudden the team I was going for just makes the most idiotic play I have ever seen and I just lose it.  I am up off the couch screaming my head off at the TV. I am pretty sure things went flying, thank God nothing hit the TV because it wasn’t my TV. And I am pretty sure I gave T a heart attack and he jumped a couple of feet away from me.

When I finally calmed down and sat back in my seat I look over at T and he has the most terrified look on his face, like nothing I have ever seen before. The conversation went something like this.

Me: (After I calmed down) I’m sorry, did I scare you?

T: (Big eyes, terrified look on his face) I have never seen you that mad and angry before!

I felt bad that he had to see that side of me but its time that he learns that im kind of competitive. 

Another prime example of this is attending T’s lacrosse games. I should explain to you first that I am from Alabama and lacrosse hasn’t gotten big there until the last couple of years and I have never seen a lacrosse game in my life!  The first lacrosse game I have ever seen was two years ago, the first day I roll into Virginia and I attended T’s first game of the season.  I have no clue what is going on, there are sticks flying everywhere, guys are tackling each other like it’s a football game, its total chaos.  Needless to say I was totally lost.  This past year, year two of my lacrosse experience, I had some idea what was going on and I was ready!  I got all the fan gear; bought a blue jacket, wore blue and white to the games, got a button made with T’s name and number…etc.  (F.Y.I. Washington and Lee’s colors are royal blue and white.)  Anyways besides being all geared up I brought my yelling voice too. Boy this past year was totally different from the previous year.  I yelled, screamed, banged on the bleachers, stood in a rage of protest when the ref. made an unfair call, cried with the team when they lost a game, celebrated with the team when they won a game, checked the school website for articles and updates about the lacrosse team, even kept up with how many games they won and lost….I could go on forever but I think you get the point. Thank goodness Thomas’ Mama is yeller at these events too otherwise I would have probably freaked her out.

Ok so now you know how competitive I am, back to college football. The first games of the season are on Saturday September 3, that is approximately 57 days away. Football in the south is almost on the same level of politics and religion.  Determining what team you go for can make or break a friendship, a relationship…etc. Fans in the south are cut throat.  Point in case LSU fans.  OMG they scare me to death.  Did you know a few years back when Alabama went down to play LSU, LSU fans had made a scarecrow looking thing and put Nick Saban’s face on it and set it on fire for all the Alabama football players to see when they entered into tiger town.  They are some intense fans.  (Another FYI: if you didn’t know this Nick Saban use to coach at LSU until he left there and went and coached for the Miami Dolphins and then later became the coach of Alabama, all caught up?!…Good!) So as you can imagine the LSU fans are angry and maybe just a little bit bitter. In Alabama though you either go for one team or the other, either Alabama or Auburn. You have to pick early because people will ask.  

And now I am just going to say it because its going to come out eventually, I am an Alabama fan.  Not just any Alabama fan and huge huge Alabama fan. I know this might sway some of you from ever reading my blog again but I am sorry I am not sorry that I am a Alabama fan.

Besides being an Alabama fan I have another team that I just absolutely love and rooted for long before Alabama, it’s a little school called Notre Dame.  Polar opposite compared to Alabama and some people even look at me funny when I tell them my two favorite teams and go “Huh?”. I know I know Notre Dame doesn’t have a great football record and no I don’t just like the team because of the movie Rudy, which by the way is an amazing movie if you are or are not a fan of Notre Dame football fan, it’s still a very inspirational film and if you have never seen it I recommend you go rent it!

So the story on the Notre Dame fan thing is that my mother is from South Bend, IN and the heart and soul of Notre Dame.  She was raised as a Notre Dame fan and installed that in me.

So those are the two big teams I go for, I also watch Arkansas Razorbacks, my Dad went to college there.  Why I bring up college football today is because (A.) I am anxiously waiting for football season to begin and (B.) T got me this jersey for our anniversary a couple of days ago.

When I pried it out of T what he got me for our anniversary,  I know im so bad, I was excited. But then he gave me the jersey last night and I just went crazy with excitement! I immediately put it on and started singing the Notre Dame fight song! We left his house and I still had the jersey on and I was doing this little dance while still singing the fight song.  To say the least I am in love with this jersey.  I wore it the rest of the night and to bed as well.  I was so upset when I got up this morning and had to take it off, I wanted to wear it to work.

T also got me an  Alabama Football Jersey, but it hasn’t come in yet.  OMG I just don’t know what to do with myself.  I wont be able to decide which one to wear, I might just wear them both and just put the respective team that’s playing on top during football season.

So there you have it, I am pretty much a freak about college football. I’m almost positive more football posts will come very soon, especially during football season.  As you can see it’s under my “Categories” section so I think it’s safe to say it’s here to stay.

Are you ready for some football?! 

If so who’s your favorite team?

Roll Tide!

Go Irish!


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