The Purple Dog

Do you live in Richmond? Have you ever ventured to Belle Isle? Well if you have been to Belle Isle then you might have run into this dog…

Not the yellow lab in the back, the purple dog in the front!

I first caught sight of this colorful animal when I took my parents to Belle Isle on Memorial Day.  Then the animal showed up again when my boyfriends mother, Betty said she had spotted this dog too when she visited Belle Isle a few weeks ago.

Our conversation went something like this:

Betty: Have you seen the purple dog?

Me: The purple dog?

Betty: Yes, I saw a purple dog on Belle Isle a few weeks ago.

Me: Oh yes!  I have seen it too, did it have red nail polish on its toe nails?

Betty: Yes it did!  I asked the owner why she painted her dog purple and she said the dog is colored purple for world peace and the dogs toe nails are red for love.

Not joking, true story!

I have a few opinions on dying your pets and painting their toe nails but simply I just don’t like it.  Let your animals be! But it is a funny sight to see, it’s not every day you see a purple dog. 

So if you live in Richmond or close to it come out to Belle Isle one day and you might just see this purple dog!


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