Paint can do wonders!

Have you ever found a wooded item in the store that you really wanted but it was scratched up or had peeling paint?  Well do not fret a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a shabby looking frames, furniture, etc.

Point in case: remember that cool wooden letter “C” I found at Tuesday Morning? 

A wonderful find but it could use a little touch up of paint here and there.

These are the supplies you are going to need for this paint project:

1.) Craft Paint

2.) Sponge Brush (I prefer to use sponge brushes versus bristle brushes because I think they work better and are cheaper.)

Once you have your supplies add your first coat of paint.

Here is a picture of my letter “C” after the first coat of paint:

After you have let the paint completely dry add your second coat of paint.  Two coats were enough for this project but for other projects more coats of paint may be needed.

Here is the final product:

Quick, easy and cheap!

Cost break down:

– Letter “C”: $5.99 at Tuesday Morning

– Craft Paint: Less than a dollar at craft store (it was on sale).

– Sponge Brush: $0.50 or less at craft store

So there you have it, a very easy DIY project!



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