Grown Up Stuff

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had a very relaxing weekend but  was also able to cross somethings off on my to-do list. On Saturday morning I had a big wake up call of reality. The one thing on my to-do list was to take the vacuum into be repaired!  As I was on my way to the vacuum doctor I had a reality check that this is stuff that grown ups do….am I a grown up?  Could it really be that my early 20’s of being care free days are over?! These are questions that I am still pondering.

On a reality free note when I pulled into the parking lot of the vacuum doctor right next door was one of my all time favorite bargain stores, Tuesday Morning!


If you have never heard of Tuesday Morning its kind of like T.J. Maxx but with no clothes or shoes.  It’s basically discounted home items, toys, gardening items..etc.  If you have never gone its worth the visit.  I remember growing up I would go to Tuesday Morning with my Mom on Saturday’s. 

Here are some of the cool things I found.






Found this great letter C.  It had a few scuff’s but nothing a little paint couldn’t fix.

Check out the price on this puppy.  You can’t beat that price, so I had to get one for myself!


I also found this case for my GPS by Built. I love this companies products but they always seem to be out of my price range. They had all kinds of cases for electronics in this brand there and for really good prices too. I almost bought this for my GPS but decided against it since I had other places to go that day.

This place is truly a treasure and I am so glad to discover that Richmond has one.  I will be back soon and like I said if you have never gone before I highly recommend check it out!

More later…enjoy your Monday!


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