BPA’s, PVC’s & Phthalate’s….oh my!

A couple of months ago I did some research on reusable snack bags and sandwich bags to replace my plastic bags I use to pack my lunch with.  I couldn’t find them anywhere in stores so that resulted in me doing some online searching. I found some great bags but the cost wasn’t that great.  So I was determined to find something a little bit less expensive. Low and be hold I found some, I was at Old Navy and found these reusable snack bags two for $5.00.  So I grabbed two sets and was happy as a clam.  They have been great little bags and I just wash them out with dish soap periodically and they have held up well. 

Current Reusable Bags (Cute but could possibly be harmful)

Little did I know anything about BPA’s, PVC’s, or Phthalates’s!  What are those crazy things?!  I discovered what they were when I was reading through one of my favorite blogs Fly Through Our Window (www.flythroughourwindow.com).  She had found some great little reusable bags for her kids to take in their lunches until she discovered that they come with no label saying they were free of all toxins.  She quickly got rid of them and looked for some other ones that were toxin free. After reading this post I quickly realized that my reusable bags said nothing about being free of toxins either.  I quickly went to the computer and did research about these toxins, as well as emailing my mother (who happens to be an environmental engineer and knows everything) and discovered that you must have prolonged exposure to these toxins in order to become sick.  Phew!  I also read once you get rid of the exposure the toxins remaining in your body will be naturally cleansed from your body in a matter of weeks. Awesome!  I don’t know how reputable those sites are that I looked at about detoxify but I can verify it with my Mama.  

Anyways to feed my tree huger addiction and to save the planet one less plastic bag at a time I went into research mode for reusable bags WITHOUT TOXINS!  And what I found was great!  Mighty Nest (www.mightynest.com) is the name of the company and they have an online store! Their prices are more reasonable than any other place I have found and they come in cute styles and colors! Can’t wait to order some and go back to saving the earth (and money in the long run) and be toxin free!

Mighty Nest Reusable Bags (Toxin Free)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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