It’s Finally Here!

After waiting 4 months my dress from Boden has finally arrived.

Take a gander….

The picture is a little blurry but you get the idea. You might ask why did I wait four months for this dress and the answer is…I really hoped the backorder date posted was just a rough estimate and was hoping, wishing, praying the dress would come in sooner.  Not so much, it came in the very day it was supposed to.  So if you shop at I highly recommend that you take there backorder predictions seriously. If  some of you out there haven’t heard of Boden I suggest you check it out. It’s . Awesome little online/catalog store but be warned it is addictive!

Also I just wanted to tell you all about the greatest surprise I had this morning.  (Side Note: I promise this blog will not turn into a place were I dote on my boyfriend 24/7 even though if you give me the chance I would: End Side Note) So where was I…oh yes when I walked out of my apt this morning to catch the bus to work there at the intersection was what looked like T’s truck. I wasn’t quite sure because I was still on my first cup of coffee so I just stared at it for a while until T finally must have realized that I was mystified to see him at 7:30 am and pulled his truck up to the front of my apt.  T had for gone his sleep to come and pick me up and take me to work. (Ok ladies this were you can curse, sigh, gravel on what a perfect boyfriend I have.) Like I said I was mystified and at a loss of words when I finally got into the truck. What a supreme act of kindness, and of course it’s always good getting to see T no matter what time of day it is!

I just love having that boy around and its rare treat to get to see him either everyday or every other day.  For those who don’t know T just graduated from Washington & Lee University in May and in the fall he is going to Duke Graduate School. So we have pretty much had a semi-long distance relationship. I fortunately was able to go see him every weekend when he was at W&L and I hope to see him lots of weekends down at Duke.  I couldn’t be more proud of him but part of me is selfish and want’s him to stay in Richmond with ME! I know I can’t be selfish and I know he will do great at Duke.

All for now.  Happy Wednesday!


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