Simple Chair Recover

So one of the simplest recover projects you can do is recovering dinning room chairs.  I have a desk chair that was handed down to me and I assume it came from a dinning room set some where.  Most dinning room chairs that have cloth seats can be taken off easily.  Usually the seats are not permanently attached to the chair frame.  This is what you need to recover your chair.

1.) Fabric (You can get fabric anywhere but a place some people don’t think to look is at consignment stores and antique stores.  Some fabric can be expensive and to keep costs down you have to get creative where you get your fabric).

2.) Staple Gun

3.) Of course the seat of the chair you are going to recover.

4.) I didn’t put this item in the picture but you are going to need some scissors to cut the fabric.

So just cut the fabric long enough to be able to go completely around the seat and then you want to make sure you have enough fabric on the back side to be able to staple it into the seat.  Once you have cut your fabric you just want to staple gun your fabric onto the back the seat.

And voila!

You have a gorgeous looking chair that took little to no time to recover and without breaking the bank!


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