Good Morning Y’all!

I want to introduce you to the love of my life and the reason I moved across the country, my boyfriend Thomas, I also refer to him as “T”.

This is a picture of us on the front porch of Macados in Lexington, VA.  T is my heart and soul and the love of my life.  We will have been dating for two years this July on the 4th.  I can’t believe we have been only dating for two years  because I feel like I have known him forever. I hope the next two years are as great as the past two have been.

Another great love in my life, not as comparable to T but is still up there on the love meter, is not in human form but in dog form.

This is Skipper, a 4-year-old Yellow Lab, and stealer of all hearts and all chew toys every where. I am just in love with this dog and I feel the feeling is mutual between us.  This is T’s family dog and is pretty much treated like any human and part of the family. 

No matter how much or how less I go to see this dog she is always excited to see me and a chew toy in mouth ready to play!  I wish I could call her my own but I can’t. I hope to one day be able to own a dog  just like Skipper.

That is all for right now.  Have great day!


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