The Never Ending Project…A.K.A. My Apartment

It’s time to introduce to you my apartment.  It has been loved ALOT over the years and when I came to occupy it with my two other roommates it was really showing its age.


The first  project I started when I moved into my apartment was my bedroom.  When I moved in it  was painted a purplish color. So I gave it a fresh new coat of paint in Tiffany blue.

Here is what you see when you step through my bedroom door into my bedroom.  My bed is on the right, desk/getting ready for work area in the mornings is in the center , fireplace is over to left, and then my chest of drawers is off to the far left.

Here is another picture of my bedroom closer inside. One of two of my favorite things in my room is the mirror above my mantel.  It was my grandmothers and a timeless piece which I hope to have for a very long time.  The other thing that I really love about my bedroom is the fireplace.  We live in a very old building and the majority of rooms have fireplaces in them.  The fireplace is not used anymore but I think it gives a really chic look to the room. 

Here is a picture of my bed. I have had this duvet cover for years and love it. It’s very versatile and looks good with bold bright color compliment.  The one thing I didn’t like about my bed was the picture hanging above it.  I have always wanted a cloth headboard but they are very expensive.  But I recently found out how to make your own cloth headboard for pretty much no money at all and here is how it turned out.

I love DIY projects and have done a few projects in my day but I have to say I am most proud of this DIY project. It looks very labor intensive to make but it is probably the simplest thing I have ever put together.  It makes me happy looking at it every day.

The second thing I tackled in this house was actually not in the house at all it was outside.  Yep the outside garden was awful looking, so I pulled out my shovel and got to work.

Here is the before photo:

 And here is the after shoots:

 Here is the front flower bed. Added some very colorful flowers to fill in the open space at the front to the bed.

 Here is an after shoot of two pots I filled with plants and put on the stairs leading up to the front porch.

It’s not complete yet, a work in progress.


One thought on “The Never Ending Project…A.K.A. My Apartment

  1. I would just like to attest that Colls’ house is just as cute in person as it appears in this fabulous post! Can’t wait to come back to Richmond and visit!

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